This package is absolutely massive, which you’ll see, so definitely check it out.

The Background (What Is It?)

Today, my good friend Jennifer Andersen has decided to offer an absolutely insane discount on a bundle of 17 different health related products from her PLR store.

For a very limited time, you have the opportunity to grab all 17 of these bundles (which I’ll list below) for the price of $17.  That’s $1 per package.  After this launch ends in about 6 days, she’s retiring this PLR from her store.  What that means is nobody will be able to purchase it after that.

This is your chance to get a killer deal on a ton of health and wellness related content and pay a fraction of the cost.

I honestly wanted to do a huge breakdown of the products for you, but there is just so much to go through that it would take me a while and she does an epic breakdown of the products on the sales page.

What I will say is that each of these packs goes for between $5 and $27 in her store, and you only have to pay $1 per package (for a total of $17).  It’s important for me to mention that Jennifer specializes in health and wellness content and products, so all of this stuff is very well researched and completely up-to-date.  It’s not fluff, poor grammar, or nonsense at all.

This is premium content on the included subject matter, so know that you’re buying something that isn’t just generically assembled.

Here is a list of the 17 topics / packages that come in this bundle:

  1. Family Juicing
  2. Paleo While Traveling
  3. Thyroid
  4. Holiday Weight Loss
  5. Arthritis
  6. Boosting Fertility
  7. Men’s Health
  8. 21-Day Fix
  9. Reiki
  10. Insomnia
  11. Quit Smoking
  12. Instant Pot Cooking
  13. Breaking Sugar Addiction
  14. Type 2 Diabetes
  15. Intro to Pilates
  16. Raising Healthy Kids
  17. Low Carb Diets

Some of these packs have bundles of articles, some have reports, some have both, there’s just so much in here that it’s definitely worth looking at.

Once again, all of this comes for just $17 for the next few days only.  After that, the price isn’t going up, the bundle and all of the packages inside will be retired (removed) from her PLR store.