Here we are, the first “product post” on this website. Hopefully you’ll stick around as I tweak things and get it to a point where everything flows seamlessly.

Until then… let’s just get right into our first overview.

The Background (What Is It?)

Today, my buddy Daniel Taylor just released his newest self-help / personal development PLR package titled Mind, Money, and Meanings.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in the self-help niche myself, or well, I’m sort of working on a site as I have time (and I have less of it lately). It’s a niche consisting of a gigantic audience with tons of potential that’s super easy to market products to.

There’s no shortage of personal development PLR packages, and so I always recommend jumping into that niche if you just want to get started and get something going.

As for Daniel’s new PLR package, it’s actually a really interesting concept behind the ebook / course itself. Unlike the usual “achieve success blueprint” that you see a lot, this one jumps into the psychology behind what’s keeping someone (anyone) from being successful (and rich).

You can probably guess by now that mindset and perspective play a huge role in every aspect of your life – happiness, wealth, health and everything else.

Positivity breeds positivity and negativity, well, it does the opposite of positivity (duh).

I really like that this course takes a basic but well researched and presented approach to the whole self-development towards success thing. It’s not a tired rehashed angle, but rather a course that shows how somebody can make necessary mindset adjustments to better their life.

Here’s just some of what the course covers inside:

  • Rich Mind vs. Poor Mind: What’s The Difference Between The Two.
  • The Mind’s Power Can Help In Attaining Your Goals and Success.
  • The Rich, Poor and Lost Money Mindset.
  • Common Money Mistakes People Make and How You Can Fix Them.
  • Reflective Learning: How You Can Build Financial Wealth For Yourself.
  • Your Mind Is The Best Tool.
  • A Better Understanding Of Mind Power: What Is It Really?
  • Success Using Mind Power.
  • What You Can Do To Develop Mind Power.
  • How Does The Reactive Mind Affect Your Ability To Live A Happy Life?
  • The Influence Money or Lack Of It Has On People.
  • Your Creative Mind Fused With Mind Power.
  • Using The Power Within You.
  • How Do You Know When Your Unconscious Mind Is Influencing You?
  • Use The Laws Of Money and Wealth To Ascertain More Money.
  • Positive vs. Negative Perspectives – How Will You Face Life.
  • A Closer Look At Each Mindset.

It’s an excellent course that fleshes out the topic in full, not just a slight overview.  And for that, I definitely recommend it.

What Are The Modules That Come With It?

In this section, I’ll just do a quick breakdown of the modules that you’ll receive with this PLR package.

  • Module 1 – High Quality Ebook (VALUE: $550.00)
  • Module 2 – Checklist (VALUE: $35.00)
  • Module 3 – Resource Guide (VALUE: $15.00)
  • Module 4 – Mind Map (VALUE: $55.00)
  • Module 5 – Complete 5 Page Minisite (VALUE: $700.00)
  • Module 6 – Unique Promotional Sales Videos (VALUE: $250.00)
  • Module 7 – Awesome High-Quality Advertising Banners (VALUE: $200.00)
  • Module 8 – 10 Unique High Quality PLR Articles (VALUE: $250.00)
  • Module 9 – Fully Professional Source Graphic Files (VALUE: $200.00)
  • Module 10 – License Package (VALUE: Priceless)

As you can see, Daniel went and covered all of the bases necessary for a PLR package.

Why This Package? How Can You Use It?

There’s a number of things that make this particular package an ideal choice and an easy PLR win for you.  Let me explain that…

  • POPULAR TOPIC: For starters, it’s on a super popular topic.  Success, mindset, self-development.  We already know this though.  It’s how the product is packaged that makes it easy for you to implement.
  • EASY GRAPHICS: Daniel’s graphics (such as the eCover) are set up in such a way that you can easily make a few changes, perhaps to the color scheme, fonts, and maybe even add a new vector image.  You just change the name, and you don’t have to break your neck trying to re-design anything or go all out.  You don’t have to hire somebody to design a new cover or any of that.  His graphics modules are simplified so that even a graphics newbie can edit them.
  • WELL WRITTEN: You don’t have to fuss around with changing things up since it’s well written, edited, and re-edited.  You can take this content and use it however you like.
  • MARKETING ASSETS: You’ll receive a ready-to-go sales letter, a sales video, high quality banner ad graphics, and of course the source files for the graphics as well.  This gives you all you need to implement it quickly into your funnel or website.

Now that I’ve gone over a few of the reasons this package is ideal, let me talk about how you can use it.

  • CHOP IT UP: Break apart the eBook into articles, post them on your blog.  Create smaller lead magnets out of them, create social media posts, utilize the content in a different way than just an eBook (if you prefer).
  • REBRAND IT AND SELL IT: Rebrand the graphics on it, change a few things on the sales page, or just redo the entire sales page, and then put it up for sale on your site via the sales page.  You can even submit it to other sites that let you sell eBooks, market it that way too.
  • AUDIO BLURBS: Create smaller audio bits of each chapter and then post them on social media along with an accompanying video, day by day, or regularly.
  • BUNDLE IT: Add it to your sales funnel for existing products, use it as a bonus when you promote other self-help products (and believe me, this certainly does work) or just find a way to implement it into an already existing strategy.
  • CREATE MORE: Use the included articles that come with this package to create lead magnets, blog posts, social media content, email content, or even another course.  Spin it however you want.

Obviously I can’t cover everything that you can do with a PLR package like this, but that’s just a little bit of what’s possible.  It’s important to give it your own spin, personalize it, and find what works best for your business and marketing needs.

My Exclusive Bonuses For This Package

And now let me quickly break down the bonuses I’ve put together for you.  These are available instantly within the JVZoo customer portal for this product after you purchase.

Bonus #1: Rebranded Graphics Package w/ PSD Files

As always, I created a set of rebranded graphics for this product so that you can immediately have something that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. You can change this up because all of the PSD files come with it, including ones for the header, mock ups, and flat eCover as well. You get everything in this graphics package.

Bonus #2: Set of 20 PLR Articles

In this bonus, we have a set of 20 PLR articles that cover self-help and personal development topics. This will provide you with plenty of additional content that you can use on your blog, in social media posts, or even to create email follow ups and lead magnets to build that list too. Above you can see a screen shot of all of the articles and their topic titles.

Bonus #3: Set of 15 Quote Poster Images

For this module, I put together 15 quote poster images on the topic of purpose, mindfulness, and all of that. They complement this package perfectly. You will receive the editable PSD source files, fonts, and even the stock images with each of these images.

As mentioned, these bonuses will be available to you instantly upon purchasing.  These are exclusive to my promotion.