I don’t usually talk about software and plugins, but that doesn’t mean I don’t grab up a lot of the stuff that comes out.  When I heard about this plugin from my buddy, I was blown away at how simplified it is.

Today we have a “MasterClass” plugin from Matthew McDonald, who is often known as the video guy.  Matthew is no newbie to the video marketing and video creation game, as he has released a handful of incredible video based plugins and courses.  He’s also got quite the audience built up on social media as well.

We all know that “online courses” and master classes are huge at the moment, from sites like Udemy taking the market by storm, to all sorts of other video courses and paid courses available.  It’s a huge audience and having a framework to present your video courses in makes them appear that much better.

What you can do with this plugin is easily set up a masterclass in quite honestly MINUTES, it’s all simplified.  There’s no bloat, heavy lifting, annoyances, confusing settings, or any of that.  He goes over it in depth in his video on the sales page, so I won’t detail it a ton.

The thing I like the most about this is that it’s a WordPress plugin, and the layout is stupid simple to understand.  It’s customizable and full of all of the essential features you need to run a “master class” on your website.  Including protecting the page, managing the videos, all sorts of jazz.

Right now you get the entire plugin and the training to use it for just $10.99 at the time of writing this.  I grabbed my copy before telling you about this, and I definitely recommend this plugin at the current price point.

Think about this… you can package up your video courses from the PLR products you have and present them using this plugin, it really simplifies the entire process.