The Background (What Is It?)

This package is very much like a combo of the quote posters and their respective upgrades (the quote videos), except this product does not come from me.  It’s still just as good, which is why I’m telling you about it.

Going more in depth this package comes with 100 quote videos that are based around the subject of inspiration.  So, they’re basically inspirational quote videos, plus you’ll also receive the quote posters as well.  This is an excellent package and I’m really stoked to see more of these kinds of products being released.

On top of the 100 quote videos and posters, AND the source files (so you can edit them), you also receive a PLR license too.

Here is a list of the 7 modules that come in this pack:

  • Module 1: 100 High Quality Viral Quotes Videos 
  • Module 2: 100 Viral Quotes Images
  • Module 3: 100 Camtasia Project Files 
  • Module 4: 100 PPT Files
  • Module 5: 100 PSD Files 
  • Module 6: 100 Background Tracks
  • Module 7: License Pack (With the PLR license)

So, with all of that, you get everything you need to utilize these images or videos however you’d like, as well as profit from them too.  Clicking the buttons on this page will take you to my bonus page that lists the bonus you receive in this package.